Announcing the 2021 PT50 Top 500 List

May 21, 2021 12:09:55 AM / by Platinum Top 50

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Congratulations are in order for those named to PT50's list of Top 500 Agents in Austin for 2021! Earlier this spring, we asked brokers across the city to share production information for their top producing agents to earn them a coveted spot on the PT50 Top 500 list. The submitted information was then ranked and the Top 500 highest producing agents for transactions between September 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021, are listed below. Help us congratulate these agents on accomplishing a sales volume of at least $5 Million or more. We are proud to recognize their achievement within the Austin real estate community.


2021 Austin Top 500 Recognized Agents

1st Property Group Keller Williams NW
Aaron Nann Realty Austin
Aaron Hickman Keller Williams Cedar Park
Abbie Phillips David Brodsky Properties
Adam Walker Realty Austin
Adam Zell Compass RE Texas, LLC
Adrianne Craft KW Austin SW
Alan Adams Realty Austin
Albert Allen Realty Austin
Alex McCormick KW Austin SW
Alex Pettitt Compass RE Texas, LLC
Alex Atleski KW Austin SW
Alex Croft Compass RE Texas, LLC
Alexander Tapp Compass RE Texas, LLC
Alexia Dauterive Realty Austin
Alice Lebkuecher KW Austin SW
Allison Pflaum KW Austin SW
Allison Olson Realty Austin
Amanda Ponce KW Austin SW
Amanda Nguyen Realty Austin
Amani Wang KW Austin SW
Amber Hart Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Ami Davis Realty Austin
Amrit Babu Realty Austin
Amy Rung Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
Amy Gandy Realty Austin
Ana Mainini Compass RE Texas, LLC
Ana & John Swanson KW Austin SW
Andrea Bibeau KW Austin SW
Andrew Holbrook Twelve Rivers Realty
Andy Fisher KW Austin SW
Andy Allen Team Keller Williams NW
Angie Balentine Realty Austin
Angie Gonzalez Realty Austin
Anna Yekaterynenko Pure Realty
Anna Untersee Realty Austin
Arlene Maze Dochen Realtors
Asher Flynn Compass RE Texas, LLC
Ashley Brinkman Realty Austin
Austin Home Sales Keller Williams NW
Austin Luxury Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Bailey Robb Group Realty Austin
Baronet Residential Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Barrett Raven Realty Austin
Bee Sharma Realty Austin
Ben Kinney Team Austin KW Austin SW
Benjamin Bunce All City Real Estate
Beth Carter Compass RE Texas, LLC
Beth Drewett Compass RE Texas, LLC
Betsy Gallagher Realty Austin
Betsy Smith Realty Austin
Beverly M. Williams Realty Austin
Bill Stegemen KW Austin SW
Bob Wolk KW Austin SW
Bob and Michaela Hachtel Team Realty Austin
Bonalife Homes Keller Williams NW
Brendan Sanford Keller Williams NW
Brendan Doherty Realty Austin
Brian Copland Realty Austin
Bridgette Hager Engel & Volkers Austin
Brien Silver Compass RE Texas, LLC
Brittney Heffernan David Brodsky Properties
Brooke Lemond KW Austin SW
Bryan Orsborn KW Lone Star
Buddy Quaid KW Austin SW
Burt Dement Realty Austin
Caitlyn Grimm Twelve Rivers Realty
Candice Dickey Compass RE Texas, LLC
Carla Umluaf Compass RE Texas, LLC
Carlos Ojeda Realty Austin
Carlos Benavides Realty Austin
Carly Gonzalez Compass RE Texas, LLC
Carmen Colon KW Lone Star
Carol Dochen Dochen Realtors
Carter Williams KW Austin SW
Catherine McGinley KW Austin SW
Cathy Trifiro Realty Austin
Cesar Gonzalez KW Lone Star
Charla Housson Realty Austin
Charles Runnels Realty Austin
Charlotte Lipscomb Compass RE Texas, LLC
Cheri Martz Realty Austin
Chloe Chiang Twelve Rivers Realty
Chris Affinito Spyglass Realty
Chris Bear Keller Williams Cedar Park
Chris Davenport Compass RE Texas, LLC
Chrissy Hand Coldwell Banker Realty
Christina Mugno Pure Realty
Christine Rhode Compass RE Texas, LLC
Christopher Gunn KW Austin SW
Christopher Rios KW Austin SW
Ciccarelli Team Realty Austin
Cindy Goldrick Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
CJ Shaffer Compass RE Texas, LLC
Clay McLaughlin KW Austin SW
Clay Byrne KW Austin SW
CLR Team Keller Williams NW
Coco&Team Keller Williams NW
Colton Turnquist Engel & Volkers Austin
Connexus Team Realty Austin
Corazón Team Realty Austin
Cory Culpepper Realty Austin
Craig Gilson KW Austin SW
Craig Van Engelen Realty Austin
Cristina Murphey KW Austin SW
Crystal Kilpatrick KW Austin SW
Crystal Horton KW Austin SW
CTX Group Realty Austin
Cummings Home Team Realty Austin
Damon Brown Realty Austin
Dana Ambs Compass RE Texas, LLC
Dana Epstein Dochen Realtors
Danny Wilson KW Austin SW
Daphne Quay Realty Austin
Darcy Newton Realty Austin
Dave Murray KW Austin SW
Dave Chastain Realty Austin
David Bain KW Austin SW
David Aceves Realty Austin
David Glorioso Avalar Austin Real Estate
David Brodsky David Brodsky Properties
David McCall KW Austin SW
Dawn Lanier Coldwell Banker Realty
Deanna Garza Realty Austin
Debbie Barrera Realty Austin
Debbie Trominski Realty Austin
Debra Meyer KW Austin SW
Desmond Milvenan KW Austin SW
Diane Waters KW Lone Star
Diane Kennedy Coldwell Banker Realty
Diane Jackson Realty Austin
Dillar Schwartz KW Austin SW
Donna Andruk Keller Williams NW
Dorie Dillard Coldwell Banker Realty
Drew Griffin Compass RE Texas, LLC
Drew Bouffard Pure Realty
Dru Brown Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
Dyron Taylor KW Austin SW
E-Lit Realty Group Keller Williams NW
Eberly Group Realty Austin
Eileen Gill Compass RE Texas, LLC
Eileen Carroll Realty Austin
Eilleen Sabillon Coldwell Banker Realty
Elaine Montgomery Keller Williams Cedar Park
Elisabeth Hay KW Austin SW
Elle Klein Garrison Realty Austin
Ellenbogen Team Realty Austin
Elleve Property Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Elliott Sanchez Realty Austin
Emily Dieckmann Keller Williams Cedar Park
Emily Shelton Pure Realty
Emily Wehring Compass RE Texas, LLC
Eric Copper KW Austin SW
Eric Meissner Realty Austin
Erin Bloss Avalar Austin Real Estate
Ernie Hatton Compass RE Texas, LLC
Esther Talley KW Austin SW
Fara Kosari Realty Austin
Ferree Rhodes Realty Austin
Fojtik Burke Group Realty Austin
Frances Crossley Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Francie Little KW Austin SW
Freda Voelker Engel & Volkers Austin
Gail and Ben Team Realty Austin
Gary Steele KW Austin SW
Gary Gentry KW Austin SW
Gay Puckett JBGoodwin Northwest
Georgana Zaba Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Gilbert Gonzalez Keller Williams Cedar Park
Ginna Smith KW Austin SW
Grace Miralle-Wilkens Realty Austin
Graf + Overstreet Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Greenleaf Team Realty Austin
Gregg Klar Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Gregory Tran KW Austin SW
Gregory Carlson KW Austin SW
Gretchen Lynn Janzow Realty Austin
Guy Oberg Compass RE Texas, LLC
Hanalei Myers Coldwell Banker Realty
Hannah Mickey KW Austin SW
Hannah Sutherland Compass RE Texas, LLC
Haval Abbas Realty Austin
Hayer Group Keller Williams NW
HB Group Realty Austin
Heather Hudson Compass RE Texas, LLC
Heather Whitbeck Compass RE Texas, LLC
Heather and Kelley Team Realty Austin
Hendrix & Zulu Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Henry Valles Realty Austin
Hilary Dominguez KW Austin SW
Hill Team Realty Austin
Hohl Homes Realty Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Homesville Realty Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Hortensia "Tenchita" Marr JBGoodwin Realtors - Westlake
Hume Rost Group Realty Austin
Isabel Affinito Spyglass Realty
Ivy Blessing Group Keller Williams NW
Jackie Horton Realty Austin
Jackie Ogier Realty Austin
Jackson Valentine Group Realty Austin
Jacquelyn Foreman Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
James Walker KW Austin SW
Janna Birdwell Compass RE Texas, LLC
jaquelyn einaugler Compass RE Texas, LLC
Jaymes Willoughby KW Austin SW
Jayna Love KW Austin SW
Jéan Bruns Realty Austin
Jeannette Spinelli KW Austin SW
Jeff Sehon Realty Austin
Jeff Kress Pure Realty
Jefferey Wolfe All City Real Estate
Jeffery Slanker Keller Williams NW
Jeffrey Schnabel Realty Austin
Jeffrey Brown Realty Austin
Jen Berbas Team Realty Austin
Jennifer Henry Realty Austin
Jennifer Summers Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Jennifer Coley-Smith KW Austin SW
Jennifer Seim Compass RE Texas, LLC
Jenny Cureton Compass RE Texas, LLC
Jeremy Fisher Realty Austin
Jeremy Kritt Pure Realty
Jessica Bruehl KW Austin SW
Jessica Licona Compass RE Texas, LLC
Jessica Smith Spyglass Realty
Jessica Burks KW Lone Star
Jill Hamlin KW Austin SW
Jill Lynch All City Real Estate
Joanie Capalupo Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Joany Price Coldwell Banker Realty
Joaquin Lopez KW Austin SW
Jody Faulkner KW Austin SW
Joe Schleis Realty Austin
Joe and Cara Keenan Team Realty Austin
Joe Williams Group Keller Williams NW
John Blackman KW Austin SW
John Squires KW Austin SW
John Crowe Spyglass Realty
John McCarthy Spyglass Realty
Johnny Ronca Realty Austin
Jon Chambers Realty Austin
Jonathan hubbard Compass RE Texas, LLC
Jonathan Ratcliff KW Austin SW
Jordan Ramey Real Estate Group Keller Williams NW
Joseph Aubin Compass RE Texas, LLC
Juanita Thornton Realty Austin
Judy Copple Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Juice Real Estate Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Julie Waidelich Nest Properties Austin
Julie Reistrup Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Julie Stinson Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
Julie Stoakley Compass RE Texas, LLC
Julie Gualandri KW Austin SW
June Clark David Brodsky Properties
Justin Cop Compass RE Texas, LLC
Justin Rourke KW Austin SW
JW Group Realty Austin
Kakky Dyer Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
Karen Willard Realty Austin
Karen Matuszewski Realty Austin
Kari Christ KW Lone Star
Karl Haussmann Realty Austin
Karol Maki Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kasey Mock KW Austin SW
Kasey Jorgenson Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Kasey Dalby KW Austin SW
Kasha Gamble KW Austin SW
Kat Johnson KW Austin SW
Kate Hamlin Realty Austin
Katie Jackson Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kathleen Shapiro Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kathleen Wainwright Realty Austin
Kathryn Scarborough Engel & Volkers Austin
Kathryn Dochen Dochen Realtors
Kathy Sokolic Realty Austin
Kathy and Winona Team Realty Austin
Kathy Stafford Team Keller Williams NW
Katie Hobbs Realty Austin
Katy Hall Realty Austin
Kay Roush Coldwell Banker Realty
Kay DaSilva Avalar Austin Real Estate
Keep Real Estate Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Keith Milkiewicz KW Austin SW
Kelly Thate Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kelly Vondrehle Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kelvin Glover Realty Austin
Kerri Espinoza KW Austin SW
Kevin White KW Austin SW
Kevin Haines Realty Austin
Kevin McCord Realty Austin
Kiersty Lombar Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Kim Fodor Realty Austin
Kim Whitlock Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Kim Fry Realty Austin
Kim King Nest Properties Austin
Kim Wilkin Realty Austin
Kindred Realty Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
KodiKay & Ricky Cain KW Austin SW
Krissy Kratch Realty Austin
Kristee Leonard The Leaders Realty, LLC
Kristen Williamson KW Austin SW
Kristen Childers Keller Williams Cedar Park
Kristen Rummel Realty Austin
Kristie Bryant KW Austin SW
Kristin Kreisel Realty Austin
Kristina Hayes Keller Williams NW
Krystal Pedraza Engel & Volkers Austin
Krystal Copulos Compass RE Texas, LLC
Kyle Lancashire KW Austin SW
Kyle Hughes Hughes Realty
Larkam Hallmark Group Larkam Compass RE Texas, LLC
Laura Mendez Exum Coldwell Banker Realty
Lauren Pryor Realty Austin
Laurie Flood Group Keller Williams NW
Lawrence Babin Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Lawrence Pritchett Realty Austin
Leslie Kasen JBGoodwin Realtors - Westlake
Lily Clason Realty Austin
Lina Moreno-Gomez JP & Assiociates
Linda Takanaka Compass RE Texas, LLC
Linda Traylor Realty Austin
Lindsey Fenton Realty Austin
Lindsey Keller JP & Assiociates
Lindsey Neuren Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Lisa Muñoz Realty Austin
Lisa Harrell Compass RE Texas, LLC
Lisa Hassel Coldwell Banker Realty
Lisa and Susan Residential Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Liz Warren Realty Austin
Lockie Ealy Realty Austin
Longhorn Real Estate Group Keller Williams NW
Lori Davis KW Austin SW
Lori Huey Coldwell Banker Realty
Luisa Mauro Luisa Mauro Real Estate
Lynn Pollinger Engel & Volkers Austin
Manny Arce Realty Austin
Maranda Mobley Coldwell Banker Realty
Mariella Rivero Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Mark Murrell JBGoodwin Realtors - Westlake
Mark Ponton Realty Austin
Mark Pearce Realty Austin
Martin Zuehlke JP & Assiociates
Martin Yates Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Mary Daniels KW Austin SW
Mary Hickey Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Mary Lyons Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Mary Lynne Gibbs Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Matt Menard Austin Real Estate Experts
Matt Holm Compass RE Texas, LLC
Matthew Hoyt All City Real Estate
Maura Bischoff Engel & Volkers Austin
Megan Turnipseed KW Lone Star
Mercer Street Group Realty Austin
Meredith Alderson Compass RE Texas, LLC
Merit Properties Keller Williams NW
Michael Brown Avalar Austin Real Estate
Michael Said Realty Austin
Michael Harrell KW Austin SW
Michael Scheffe KW Austin SW
Michele Turnquist Engel & Volkers Austin
Michele Gutierrez Spyglass Realty
Michelle Bartholomew Compass RE Texas, LLC
Michelle Sain Realty Austin
Michelle and Michael Kopp Team Realty Austin
Mike Frost Twelve Rivers Realty South
Mimi Bond Keller Williams NW
MJ Moran Realty Austin
Moats Team Keller Williams NW
Mohler Brandes Group Realty Austin
Molly Friedrich Friedrich Realty
Molly Austin Coldwell Banker Realty
Morgan Pool Spyglass Realty
Morgan Smith Shannon Schmitz KW Austin SW
Mosaic Team Realty Austin
Mueller Silent Market Team Compass RE Texas, LLC
Nagajoythi Mailavaram Trinty Title realty
Naomi Bourgeois Realty Austin
Natasha Antonioni Compass RE Texas, LLC
Nathan Wyman Compass RE Texas, LLC
Nelia Morago Compass RE Texas, LLC
Nested Realty Group Realty Austin
Nicholas Himes KW Lone Star
Nick Easley Realty Austin
Nicole Marburger Compass RE Texas, LLC
Nina Seely KW Austin SW
Nino Brothers Group Keller Williams NW
Oksana West Realty Texas
Open House Austin Team Realty Austin
Ott Group Keller Williams NW
Palazo Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Parag Ratanpara All City Real Estate
Patek + Jones Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Patrick Eitel KW Austin SW
Patrick Birdsong KW Austin SW
Paul Smith Twelve Rivers Realty
Paula Pierce Engel & Volkers Austin
Paula Lizama BHGRE Homecity
Pivach Properties Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Polly Clarke Realty Austin
Quinton Locklin KW Lone Star
Ramirez Team Realty Austin
Raymond and Catherine Team Realty Austin
Rebekah Cummings Pure Realty
Rey Rocha KW Austin SW
Rich Richani Realty Austin
Richard Caprioli Engel & Volkers Austin
River Hills Property Goup Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
Roadhouse Group Keller Williams NW
Rob Kellogg Realty Austin
Robert Fisher Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Robert Moats KW Austin SW
Robie Dodson Realty Austin
Robin Agan KW Austin SW
Rocky Breon All City Real Estate
Roman Lopez KW Austin SW
Ronda Prothro KW Austin SW
Roots Residential Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Ross Speed Compass RE Texas, LLC
Ross Ponder Realty Austin
Roxanne Escobedo Coldwell Banker Realty
Roxanne Bales All City Real Estate
Russell Phillips KW Lone Star
Russell Martin KW Austin SW
Russell Martinez All City Real Estate
Ruth and Evonne Team Realty Austin
Ryan Kelly KW Austin SW
Ryan Schwartz Realty Austin
Ryanne Vaughan KW Austin SW
Sage Wilson Group Keller Williams NW
Sahshone Sky Compass RE Texas, LLC
Salma Manzur Twelve Rivers Realty
Samantha Midler KW Austin SW
Sandee Payne Compass RE Texas, LLC
Sandra Alvarez Coldwell Banker Realty
Sara Coltharp Coldwell Banker Realty
Sarabeth and Jordan Team Realty Austin
Sarah McAloon Realty Austin
Sari Pearce Realty Austin
Sasha Vasquez Realty Austin
Schaffer Team Realty Austin
Scott McCord Compass RE Texas, LLC
Scott Joffe Realty Austin
Scottee Downing Compass RE Texas, LLC
Seth Goldberg & Aaron Urbanus Aaron Urbanus Compass RE Texas, LLC
Shanan Shepherd Thrive Realty
Sharman Reed KW Austin SW
Sharmila Mehta Keller Williams NW
Sharon Murray Realty Austin
Sharon Burd Realty Austin
Shehu Kreshnik All City Real Estate
Shelly Hemingson Realty Austin
Shelly Kelly Pure Realty
Sheri Brummett Coldwell Banker Realty
Sherri Farias Realty Austin
Simi Gilani BHGRE Homecity
Sonny Bara KW Austin SW
Soud Twal KW Austin SW
SR Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Stacey Deville Compass RE Texas, LLC
Stacey Nelson Coldwell Banker Realty
Stacy Mansoor Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Stefan Benteler Realty Austin
Stephanie Alexander KW Austin SW
Steve Mallett KW Austin SW
Steve Robertson JBGoodwin Realtors - Westlake
Steve Dedear Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
Stewart Shank KW Austin SW
Stewart Dewar KW Austin SW
Sue Ellett Coldwell Banker Realty
Sue Markim Realty Austin
Sue Lindell Realty Austin
Suellen Young Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
Sumina Bhatti Realty Austin
Susan Reames Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
Susan and Natalia Team Realty Austin
Szekelyhidi Team BHGRE Homecity
Takao Home Team Keller Williams NW
Tamara Nelson All City Real Estate
Tammy Young Compass RE Texas, LLC
Tammy Templin Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
Tanya Alvarez Realty Austin
Tara Clarabut-Knight Keller Williams Realty Round Rock
Teresa Mautz-Butt KW Lone Star
Terroll Hardee-Romere KW Lone Star
TexHomes Realty Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
The Everett Team Compass RE Texas, LLC
The Gene Arant Team Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis
The Robert Kauffman Team Keller Williams NW
The Seely Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Theran Greer Wilson & Goldrick Realtors
Thomajan & Ladner Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Thomas Joseph KW Austin SW
Thomas Cheng Keller Williams NW
Tim Heyl KW Austin SW
Tim Landy Twelve Rivers Realty South
Tim Behe Spyglass Realty
Tim Kress Pure Realty
Tim McFadden KW Austin SW
TLC Team Realty Austin
Todd Burgener Twelve Rivers Realty
Tom & Marissa Radack Keller Williams Cedar Park
Tomas Corzo KW Austin SW
Tommy Cain Coldwell Banker Realty - Lakeway Office
Tony Elias Realty Austin
Tonya Li Realty Austin
Tory Wortham Compass RE Texas, LLC
Tory Ketter KW Austin SW
Trevor Heuser Realty Austin
Trifecta Team Realty Austin
Troxclair Residential Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Truly Group Realty Austin
Underwood Team Compass RE Texas, LLC
Valorie Doyle Coldwell Banker Realty
Vassaur Team BHGRE Homecity
Veritas Group Compass RE Texas, LLC
Victor Torres KW Austin SW
Vince Heinz Compass RE Texas, LLC
Vince Martinez KW Austin SW
Vivian Martins Jalkh Mussi KW Austin SW
Wendy Papasan KW Austin SW
Wendy Elder Compass RE Texas, LLC
William Vernon KW Lone Star
Yiwen (Wendy) Chen Keller Williams NW
Yusuf Johnson Realty Austin
Zach Wallace Realty Austin
Zane Collins KW Austin SW


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